Worship Ministries

Worship is incredibly important in the Episcopal Church.  The Sunday Eucharists are our opportunity to join together with the communion of saints to praise God.  In our worship we are renewed and strengthened to go out and do God’s work in the world.  Our worship connects us to the past while sending us into the future.
To that end we work together to make the Eucharist a solemn and joyful event every Sunday.
This is made possible with the help of so many people.  The worship ministries include our Readers, Acolytes, Chalice Bearers, and Ushers.
The Lay Readers read the Old Testament and Epistle readings as well as lead the congregation in the psalm at the 8 a.m. service.
The Acolytes help emphasize the solemnity of the service by leading the processions as the crucifer, holding the Gospel book for the deacon, and ringing the bells during the consecration.  Acolytes also help the priest and deacon prepare for communion.
Chalice Bearers help distribute communion.  Most of the time this duty is fulfilled by the acolyte, but there are times when a separate chalice bearer is required.
Church Ushers help keep the services running smoothly by helping the congregation participate in the worship.  Ushers greet people as they come into the church and makes sure everyone has their worship booklets.  Ushers also help with the offering by collecting any monetary offerings and arranging people to help bring the offering up to the altar.
If you are interested in becoming a reader, acolyte or chalice bearer please feel free to contact Mo. Shireen at MotherShireen@gmail.com